Karetus feat. Ricco Vitali – Future Is Now [Free Download]


The boys of Karetus have always impressed me with their ability to create beautiful, melodic dubstep anthems, you know the kind of dubstep you actually enjoy listening too. Well in an unexpected, and very much welcomed change of events, this duo has just re-released “Future Is Now,” a nu-disco dynamite of a track for free. If you actually follow these guys then you know that this track is almost two years old, but I think it has more relevance today than it did back then. As we see the swing from heavy dubstep and drum and bass towards more indie and disco relaxed feel in electronic music I find them way ahead of the curve. With Daft Punk like synths and a bouncy beat they have definitely nailed the feel of disco. Couple that with the indie vocals of Ricco Vitali and you got yourself a club banger!