Let Dillon (And Some Other Guys) Show You A Few Thangs

sit and tie

For those of you who were either lucky enough to trip it down to Miami for Ultra Music Festival this past weekend for weekend 1 of 2, or if you got as close to the action as you could by watching it on the UMFTV live-stream, you probably heard Dillon Francis break it down with this track. His remix of “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake is pure fire. This particular song came out before Ultra in the beginning of March, but we didn’t cover it yet so I thought I should, especially because he nailed it during his set yesterday. After JT killed it on SNL two weeks ago and Dillon, the avid cat lover, doing the same yesterday, they deserve a little MMIBTY shout out for their accomplishments. Dillon was sporting no other than a dapper suit and tie ensemble yesterday on stage as he performed and really had the crowd going. Although he did mess up, he recovered beautifully after calling himself out on it happening on account of him day drinking all day. Classic Dillon. Shit happens. He was still fun to watch! Everyone looked like they were loving his energy and presence on stage and had everyone enjoying themselves. That’s what I love to see in a performer. Not only does he play great tracks, but he really gets into the music and performing. The guy is hilarious…gotta love him.

Suit &Tie-Justin Timberlake (Dillon Francis Remix)

There’s actually a ton of other remixes of JT’s “Suit & Tie”, check em all out:

Suit & Tie-Justin Timberlake- Remixes

Most of these remixes are part of the Official Suit & Tie Remix Package, created by Justin Timberlake himself. The release date of the album is said to be coming out soon! Keep an eye out for it!