Let The House Music Play + BOGO Remix

let the house music

This track is nothing but a good time for those musical craving ears of yours. First discovered on a recent Dark Light Sessions by Fedde Le Grand I was instantly in love with the upbeat tempo personafying what house music is all about, a good fucking time. Hearing it first at the gym, I completely forgot about the pure bliss that I got from the track until now and I started to do my research. Come to find out the version he played was actually a remix by Buy One Get One Free. I honestly like the remix a little better, much more pop to the beat, but I have included both so that you can be the judge!

Marty Fame & DJ Lutique – Let the House Music Play (Original Mix) | Beatport

Marty Fame & DJ Lutique – Let The House Music Play (Buy One Get One Free Remix) | Beatport