Wednesday Weather Report 3/6/2012


march6thweatherI would like to present the return of the Wednesday Weather Report (WWR) as some have been known to call it. If you are new to this page dear reader this is a time where every Wednesday I take a handful of songs that I really have been enjoying, I ignore genres and just share them with all of you, because thats just what we like to do over here at MMIBTY. I like to start every post out with something nice to look at, some brief text and a little 2 cents on each one of the tracks posted, so lets get going.

If you are a VT reader, or just in a cold area of the world, than you may be like me, and getting sick of cloudy skies and ice patches. Personally I am getting so antsy waiting for sunshine and boat rides, too many of my friends are going down to Miami for WMC and its just plain torture. March is going to be a huge month for music so this is the prime time to diversifying your beat arsenal and gearing up for pool parties. So to start off I wanna share a new record from someone who has been around the block for quite some time, check it out after the break, cheers!

Codes has been doing this whole EDM thing while we still listening to LIT tell us all about how they like when girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch. He brings us today a modern remix of “Hip Hop Hooray” a staple of hip hop music by Naughty By Nature. Complete with a 16-bit sounding bass line, the tempo is cranked way up giving this anthem a second wind.

Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray (Codes Remix)

Go figure, another track from Figure! This guy never stops producing, even on the road touring he just pours out track after track after track. I had the pleasure of meeting him while I was helping him set up for his gig here. As I walked him to his greenroom he literally had his laptop to his face on ableton mixing around clip samples, dedicated to say the least. Well its paid off, this track is a monster, to begin with its a remix of one of my favorite artists, Aesop Rock (NOT A$AP ROCKY). If you know who Aesop Rock is we can be friends and you already should know what to expect.

Aesop Rock – Coffee (Figure Remix Instrumental)

Rick Ross’s “Hustlin” is a sample heard in so many tracks, whether its trap, hip-hop, house, you name it, you can’t really escape this tune.Luke da Duke decided to remix the whole thing, and it starts out well sort of predictable, than there is a nice refreshing change, check it.

Rick Ross – Hustlin (Luke Da Duke Remix)

Since the trap fad started, one guy I started taking an intrest in pretty early was a guy by the name of ∆lex Young and I am always impressed with his productions. If you have been following these WWR posts you will know that I often post tracks by him, I just think they are pretty good, simple as that.


Lastly comes a remix of hardstyle kings SHOWTEK‘s anthem “Cannonball”. I had no idea until I was putting together this post how many tunes I have by Aylen, but it was astounding that I thought I had just discovered him. Anyway this remix is one of my favorite ones to date, plus it has a really comical sample that I think we all will recognize.

Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Aylen ‘Anchorman’ Edit) (OG Mix to Carnage & Victor Niglio Rmx)

Here is all the tracks zipped up march six zip

A little something extra, we all come here for the music right? Well whats better than just music? Music videos DUH! I am glad to see there are some people out there still doing something creative with their tracks, check it out!