Deep Techno Showcase


Today’s post offers you pure deep techno; one of these newer sounding sub-genres that results from no longer being able to use the term “progressive house” to describe anything underground anymore. I can assure you that the music to follow in this post would have been called progressive house at one point—I swear. Luckily there are folks out there who refuse to become ensnared in the modern day “EDM” sub-genre marketing ploy. You crave those pops and clicks and tasteful atmospherics paired with thoughtful builds that vintage prog heads love, but can no longer find in that section on Beatport.  Enter producers such as Faktorm, Clockwork [Life and Death], Avatism, Carlos Sanchez, and Javier Carballo. They push a sound that in many ways resembles the decidedly tribal progressive house of the early 2000s (a la John Digweed Global Underground 19- Los Angeles), but also adds modern deep house and minimal tech elements. What results is a perfect storm of underground juiciness.   Our mix selection today is from Spaniards Faktorm and Egoist b2b [Bonobo Concept]. It begins with an Avatism Remix of Jeremy & Walker- Bedouin [Vakant] that is already a tried and true deep tech anthem. Other highlights include: Re Dupre, Angelo Fracalanza – Connect (Original Mix) [PopArt] and Dubspeeka – She Loves (Glimpse Remix) [Skeleton]. In addition I’ve also included a portion of the Freaks and Chips EP, featuring the production of Javier Carballo, Carlos Sanchez, and Hector on the remix duties. Enjoy.

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Freaks and Chips EP:

Carlos Sanchez & Javier Carballo – Freaks and Chips (Hector Remix)

Carlos Sanchez & Javier Carballo- Be Fresh (Original Remix)

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