DE$iGNATED – In Reality


More likely than not, DE$iGNATED is not a name you’re familiar with. The UK duo (they’re boys, even though their recurring theme is featuring pixelated pictures of girls as the artwork for their releases) came onto my radar a few weeks back with a completely random find: their remix of “Heartbroken” by T2. Right off the bat, I heard their style was something to take notice of. Think vocals weaving their way in between a mix of upbeat and friendly vibes and erie, bass-driven garage counterpoints. Their latest release, again dropping for free through their SoundCloud, bears the same mark, except this one hits even harder. What starts off as a mix of a fast, pounding beat with feverish hi-hats cranks into a thick multi-dimensional bassline, layered with deeply soulful vocals. These kids are clearly not just a one-hit wonder. I see big potential and expect to continue to be tantalized by their productions. Their forthcoming single “Valentine” sounds like one to really look forward to. Keep an eye out because you never know… They could be the next Disclosure.