Flosstradamus x DJ Sliink – Nomads


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today we were bestowed from the Trap gods, a 3 song EP by the name of Nomads, a collaborative effort with DJ Sliink. The EP features the songs, “Crowd Control,” “Test Me,” and the UZ remix to “Test Me.” I can’t say that these are tracks that we have never heard before, but they are tunes that we have been waiting for. “Crowd Control” is a big tune that Floss has previewed on their Soundcloud months ago featuring the recognizable “Can you dig it?!” sample for the movie The Warriors. My favorite track from the EP, “Test Me,” was previewed during one of J2k’s Youtube webisodes, and like “Crowd Control,” has been played throughout their live sets in recent weeks. UZ’s take on “Test Me” is a more subdued version of the song that has all the bells and whistles from the masked man. Download the album on iTunes and please support the artists

Flosstradamus & Dj Sliink – Crowd Control

Flosstradamus & Dj Sliink – “Test Me”

Flosstradamus & Dj Sliink – “Test Me” (UZ Remix)

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