Genix Cranks It Up with Stateside/United


I’ve been listening to the Anjunabeats Volume 10 compilation on repeat over the past several weeks and one track in particular has been standing out in a huge way: “Stateside” by Genix. Don’t get me wrong, the boys from Above & Beyond (founders of Anjunabeats and the Trance Around the World/Group Therapy Radio podcasts) did a great job in recruiting artists and hand-picking tracks for this compilation, but there’s something about “Stateside” that really forces me to turn the volume up. I think Genix is highly underrated as a producer, as he consistently releases some of the hardest-hitting yet melodic Trance music I’ve ever heard. When the bass drops in around 1:00 you’ll see why this song is so infectious. It wouldn’t be a Trance song without an uplifting breakdown, which happens at 2:30, only to get cranked up as the song exits after seven minutes. Along with “Stateside” was the track “United”, which was released as part of the 2-song EP Stateside/United on April 8th on Anjunabeats. As you’ll see confirmed with “United”, Genix really knows how to produce those banger Trance tunes and I highly recommend you keep your eye on him for continued eargasms.

For something really cool, check out this mash-up of “A Thing Called Love” and “Stateside”!

Genix – Stateside
Genix – United


I’ve been meaning to post this track for a while and it is a must-hear Trance tune that has one of the most unique sounds I’ve ever heard (and that’s saying something). Heard on a podcast in the fall, it’s the Fon.Leman remix of Cramp‘s “Bombay”. This is a ripped copy, but it gives you a good feel for what you’re getting yourself into when you PURCHASE IT ON BEATPORT.

Cramp – Bombay (Fon.Leman Remix)