Ivan Gough Ft. Stevie Mink & Steve Blease – BOOM


Being a huge festival/concert junkie, you appreciate finding the next big hit that’s going to be played everywhere and this is definitely one of those songs. This track, recently dropped by Size Records, features the mastermind behind the very well known hit,’In My Mind’, Ivan Gough. Gough teams up with Stevie Mink and Steve Bleas to bless us with a strong progressive build up, massive electric drop, along with some grunts, and synth-y sound – called, Boom! And it is very explosive indeed. This track differs from the trance-y vibes ‘In My Mind’ gave off but I think that’s because this festival season everyone is craving big sounds and to be that one person being played at just about every set. Definitely keep your ear out for this banger in the next big show you’re going to attend.

Ivan Gough vs. Stevie Mink & Steve Bleas – Boom! I Purchase on Beatport