Paper Diamond Gets Tricky With Sleight of Hand; Pretty Lights Releases Around The Block


Yesterday Paper Diamond gave fans a treat with his track “Sleight of Hand”. What was originally supposed to be the day when Mr. Diamond (Alex Botwin) dropped his new EP Paragon, April 16th instead turned into a day when he released a B-Side Instrumental. “Sleight of Hand” was written in 2012 while creating Paragon and features something his old-school fans will be sure to vibe with. This track fuses Paper Diamond’s signature bouncy electronic beats with hip-hop elements for a fresh roll-your-windows-down banger. I know if I had heard this song without knowing who it was by, my guess would be Paper Diamond or someone in the Pretty Lights Music family – it just has that feel.

The Paragon EP will be available for free download next Tuesday, April 23rd. Make sure you grab it!

Speaking of Pretty Lights Music: it may have slipped under your radar, but Derek Vincent Smith released his latest track on Sunday the 14th. Called “Around the Block”, the soulful track features the vocals of Talib Kweli, who is hands-down one of my favorite lyricists past or present. While the beginning of the song rides on piano rolls and sounds that cause me to picture images of the sun setting, the 2:30 mark features a shift that heads towards a Dubstep-esque groove. This mood-boosting breakdown returns to the song’s original elements to wrap up the cut and to seal the deal on yet another awesome Pretty Lights track.

You can head HERE to download the track and other work by Pretty Lights’ artists.

Everything is perfect
Everything just fine
We keepin’ everything movin’
While the sun is shinin’

Pretty Lights – Around the Block ft. Talib Kweli