Pleasurekraft, Format:B & The Voice Introduce Us to Coltrane

pleasurekraft coltrane

Just when I think I’ve heard Pleasurekraft at their funkiest (and that refers to pretty much any of their tracks), they go ahead and release “Coltrane” yesterday in collaboration with Format:B and The Voice. We introduced you to The Voice when I posted Pleasurekraft’s remix of “Shut Up & Dance”, originally by Eric Sneo. Coincidentally when Kaveh & Kalle of Pleasurekraft remixed that song it was also the first time they had heard of The Voice. Well that song was such a smash they decided to give The Voice an original track to rhyme over and they did him a service by teaming up with Format:B. The bassline/trumpet combination on this track is unmatched by any Tech-House song I’ve heard in a while, and you can bet the guys in Format:B are partially responsible for that.

Want some even better news? “Coltrane” is the first of two collaborations between Pleasurekraft and Format:B so get excited for their next release, “Sexus”, on May 27th!

Pleasurekraft & Format:B – Coltrane feat. Chris The Voice | Purchase on Beatport

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