Pryda Shows Us He’s Still Leading the Pack with Power Drive

prydz cox

Today Eric Prydz, under his alias Pryda, released “Power Drive” on his own Pryda Recordings. This juggernaut of a track, coming in at just under nine minutes, shows us just why Prydz is one of the most talented and unique producers in the dance music game. If you follow Eric Prydz at all you probably have heard this dark progressive track – whether it was on his amazing Essential Mix or as part of one of his podcasts – today you finally have the chance to own it for yourself. And that comes as a breath of fresh air as many of his tracks featured in recent mixes and live sets remain unreleased (and some even untitled). I’ve heard Prydz referred to as a sell-out and I’ve heard people question his professionalism after his recent shenanigans down in Miami, but the fact remains that he is a legend and at the top of the game across the dance music world. I’m truly excited to see what he does next.

Pryda – Power Drive | Purchase on Beatport