Sander Van Doorn’s Joyenergizer Receives the Spaveech Trap Treatment

Joyenergizer (Spaveech Remix)

I’ve been saying this since I first heard Sander Van Doorn‘s “Joyenergizer“: someone needs to write a Trap remix. Well have no fear, Spaveech fulfilled my wishes and he did it in a way that went above and beyond my expectations. Actually, check that: he did it in a way that falls in line with what I’ve come to expect from his work. We’ve posted a couple of Spaveech’s remixes, worthy of being cranked on big speakers and played out in your DJ sets (I played his Trap remix of Afrojack’s “Rock the House” and it went over huge, and his Trap mix of “Make the Crowd GO” is dirty too). What I like best about Spaveech’s remixes is that they’re almost like mini mash-ups. While he primarily remixes one song, you’ll often find elements of other songs layered into the productions. For example, this remix of “Joyenergizer” features the intertwining of Sander’s “Chasin'” and “Nothing Inside” which both go well with the overall theme. And frankly I lost it, got chills, when “Nothing Inside” dropped around 5:00. We’ll do our best to keep this New Jersey native on your radars but do your job and follow him on SoundCloud and Facebook – it’s only a matter of time til he takes off!

Two weeks ago Spaveech put out his remix of Zomboy’s “Here to Stay” ft. Lady Chann as part of a Beatport Remix contest. Spaveech’s take on the track is too good to go unnoticed and I had to make sure you guys heard it. This “Here to Stay” remix is an Electro-House banger with some sassy vocals and elements that remind me of Wolfgang Gartner & Skrillex’s “Devil’s Den”. Voting for the contest is over but let’s hope Spaveech got some great exposure from it!

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