Zeds Dead: Burlington VT, In Review


DC and Hooks, better known as Zeds Dead, have made once again another triumphant return to the Green Mountains. Last Thursday night Zeds Dead performed their fourth consecutive sold out show at Higher Ground. Contrary to the cyclic trends of music, Zeds Dead has remained superbly buoyant in the erratic seas of music. What I mean by this is this duo has hardly adjusted or conformed to contemporary trends in music, they still play out songs that we have heard possibly hundreds of times through the span of years and it still absolutely captivates its audience. Selling out a venue is hard enough, even harder with a $25 ticket on a school night, these guys seem to be at the moment, un (wait for it) stoppable.

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Hailing from the metropolis of Toronto, a wonderful city belonging to our dear friends to the north, Zeds Dead have been producing music that is heavily influenced by hip-hop and classic rock and roll for quite some time now. Building credibility in local Toronto dubstep bar, properly named the Wrong Bar, with the gentleman from the Killabits, their (B)assmentality certainly helped their process in becoming one of the most recognizable Western dubstep duo in the world. Currently in high demand, the boys had recently stepped off the stage at Ultra, got flown to South America, and shuffled over here to our tiny mountain town, I would not really say they are on tour, it seems more that they are just accepting anyone that is willing to book them.

A sold out show is at Higher Ground is nothing to mess with. Higher Ground being one of the few credible venues in the Burlington area people will fight tooth and nail, as well as pay top coin to get a ticket to any big show. That being said the energy is a “leave nothing undone” on the dance floor and go as hard as you can possibly go. With no traveling opener, and making good use of local legend DJ Disco Phantom, there was little time before door opening, and head line performance. Disco Phantom played a very appropriate warm up set of some well known ₮Я∆Ᵽ Ϩ₮ΫⱢЄ music which really got people craving for some bass.

When the boys stepped on stage, Z’s in the air, the crowd roared, and I mean they were really fucking loud. WIth nothing more than a fold out table, the set up seemed very, well just light. This is not really surprising, with my own experience if you dont bring anything with you, which they did not, there is not much that Higher Ground offers aside from a very standard light set up. But it really did not matter that much because they were just as powerful as any other time they have set foot on the stage. Playing a mix of their old stuff, some new stuff, some unreleased stuff, and a solid encore DC and Hooks knocked us all on our ass once again. My personal opinion,  I find their live performances just as enjoyable as their productions is because it is not predictable. They have spanned every type of music, and this eclectic interest shared between both of them certainly emanates in their live performances offering each experience something unique. What can we expect in the future? Who knows, it could be a country hit for all we know, but it would probably still be sick. Ome thing is for sure, we need to put them on the big boy stage at Memorial Auditorium.

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