As my tastes have matured, it’s no doubt that I have begun to stray away from the harder stuff, at least when I’m engaging in casual listening. I’d be much more likely to throw on some deep house or disco than hard electro or dubstep these days when I’m just sitting around and I’m sure my neighbors thank me for it. That said, when I hear something that hits, I can certainly appreciate it, and this is the case in this epic booty from Team Bayside High and Willy Joy. Willy Joy first hopped on my radar with his equally filthy collaboration with Brillz off his Twonk LP “WTF” and his work with DJ Benzi. Nothing quite prepared me for this though. The bass-heavy treatment that the Basement Jaxx classic “Where’s Your Head At” receives is hard to describe as anything other than a head-banger, and that is exactly what you’ll be doing when it drops. DJ’s take note, this one will make some heads explode in the crowd (which will prompt the question… “Where’s Your Head At?). Pickup the free download and play it out at your next pregame, postgame or DJ gig.