Ellie Goulding covers “Tessellate”

ellie goulding tess
Going on close to a year ago now, I covered  a group  from the UK by the name of Alt-J. Hailing from across the pond these gentlemen were able to create absolutely beautiful music in their dorm room using basic computer software such as Garage Band. Though their music was not an immediate stampede into the music scene, their subtle brilliance has slowly caught the ears of many, and they themselves have become quite the entity.

One of the tracks I was able to cover off their debut album “An Awesome Wave” was titled “Tesselate”. The music video for this song was absolutely amazing, it was a unique cross examination of modern culture to that of one of the most important paintings to come out of the early renaissance era. This respect for the arts has come full circle as top echelon UK singer Ellie Goulding has decided to cover “Tessellate”. Produced by Xaphoon Jones, laden with salty saxophone riffs and an overall airy feel, “Tessellate” is an astounding cover.Breathe in and enjoy, cheers everyone.