G-Eazy Ft. Carnage – LOADED

 I spent the last week on a mini DJ tour with my buddy doing some college grad parties and a few events at a local venue, it has been a very successful weekend for our team here. While I was adventuring south of Syracuse, NY in the small town of Aurora where my sister goes to school, I got to hang out with some really cool kids that really make the best out of a tiny school.

Sometimes being a music blogger and a DJ, and assistant event producer I carry an aire about me that I know everything thats going on in the main stream music domains, it was in Aurora that I was proved wrong. Creeping around some basement parties some kid snapped on a YouTube channel to entertain the guests, and in his play list I heard this super attractive song. What enticed me most was the beat, it was really just something that got my attention. What surprised me most was it was a track with G-Eazy and DJ Carnage, both of whom I am well aware of and I was  completely surprised that I passed this track by, and seemingly every single one of our bloggers did too. It may be in part that we don’t cover a lot of hip-hop but DJ Carnage has been featured here many times and I think this song deserves some past due respect. Without further adue, LOADED by G-Eazy and DJ Carnage.