Moby – Natural Blues (TYR Remix)


This latest remix of “Natural Blues” from Boulder, CO producer TYR reaffirms everything we’ve come to expect from this extremely creative producer. At only 19 years old, he’s released a steady stream of remixes and originals that range in sounds and genres, always for free through his SoundCloud. Some of his favorite work of ours lies in his diverse EP’s, like his Nudity & Espionage EP from last summer and his two more recent remix EP’s Stimulate and Eclipse Vol. 2. Most recently, he contributed an excellent remix to Manics’ “The Way You Move”, which you can check out here. If you’re new to his music, however, this remix of Moby‘s “Natural Blues” should give you a good sense of TYR’s blossoming talent. Like on his “DRVGS” remix, which was one of the first productions I’d ever heard from him, he incorporates dub and deep bass in a gentle way, creating more of an atmosphere than a ‘filthy drop’. Go check out his back catalog and follow him on SoundCloud immediately.