Rynecologist & Meech Are Mudafuckers


As we look back at EDC New York, we can take away a few basic things from the festival. The venue/space was terrible, the two main stages were literally on top of each other, Carl Cox is awesome, and the Wide Awake Art Cart was hands down the best time all weekend long. The little pirate ship floated between a massive dubstep stage and the tech-house tent, and provided a much needed break in the entirely to crowded festival. Day 1 saw our friends over at Gotta Dance Dirty curate a lineup full of disco and deep house beats. As the boat rocked from side to side and the passengers became more inebriated, a couple of Canandians took the decks. Rynecologist and Meech destroyed their sets and now are back at it with a free choon off the Clubhouse Series from Fools Gold Records. The track is quite uptempo, and gets at that ghetto house they expressed last weekend.