Some of that Old School Melody [FREE DOWNLOAD]


BBQs are fired up, the sun is out, boats are out on the water! Though summer doesn’t technically start until June 21st, once school gets out we all seem to jump the gun a little bit.  When we aren’t all out there attending our favorite festivals and shows there is a good chance you will be milling about trying to catch those chill summer vibes.  What better way to do that then to kick back with some buds, crack a beer and vibe to some Hip-Hop infused Electro.  Bass Physics are more than happy to help us get our chill on this summer with their new single Old School Melody.  I know about Bass and one thing I know about Physics is that when you set this song in motion, it will stay in motion.  With an awesome old school hip-hop feel, catchy hip-hop samples, and some sweet electro synths this song has what you need to get your chill on and also to get the backyard party bumpin.  Throw this one on your summer chill playlist and keep your eye on this talented Colorado duo.