The Summer of Butch Clancy

butch clancy

I have been following Butch Clancy for a very long time enjoying how he has evolved as a producer. From the days when he was remixing Lynyrd Skynyrd and dropping some extremely heavy dubstep to the present day. As we have seen Butch Clancy mature he has mellowed out the intensity, but still maintains his womping roots as he continues to pump out original work. Playing in small venues to maybe a few hundred in the know will change very soon if he keeps up the pace he’s at. With a fresh remix of Rihanna out only a couple of weeks back, Butch Clancy has already has released a brand new original track. Teaming up with Amy K to create a truly brilliant dubstep track, this song is going into the rotation everywhere immediately.

Butch Clancy – Far Away From Me ft. Amy K

Rihanna-Stay (Butch Clancy Remix)