True Electro-House with Case & Point’s Upgrade EP

upgrade EP

This week Boston natives Case & Point (Casey & TJ) dropped their Upgrade EP on Lazy Rich’s label Big Fish Recordings. I was excited to hear what they had come up with after really enjoying their remix of the Bingo Players’ track “Out of My Mind”. To my pleasant surprise, I learned that both tracks on the Upgrade EP are true Electro-House gems that remind you this is what Electro-House is supposed to sound like. Neither songs include vocals – which is fine with me since I’m mostly into musical selections based on their beats, their bass lines, etc – but they do include driving kick drums and my type of dance floor fillers. “Upgrade” is a track whose breakdown/build-up reminds me a bit of Zedd’s song “Codec”, both in the chopped vocal sample and the synth sounds. The words “I need an upgrade” come across the speakers right before a crashing drop, something I think fits very well. If I had heard “Razor” without knowing who produced it, I might guess it was a John Dahlback track. And that’s a huge compliment because everything Dahlback puts out these days is pure filth. I really do like both of these tracks and I think you will too. The boys that are Case & Point continue to grow in popularity and they continue to impress me with their production skills. Great choice by Lazy Rich, one of my favorite Electro-House DJs, to include C&P on his label. If you’re in or around Boston Friday night, make sure to go catch their FREE show at Gypsy Bar (RSVP HERE)!


Case & Point – Upgrade
Case & Point – Razor