Get Funkier with Destructo’s Higher EP


Well I’ve been waiting quite some time to *get higher baby* so I finally present to you the Higher EP by Destructo (Gary Richards). I’ve been waiting many weeks for this EP, released as a collaboration between OWSLA Records and Boys Noize Records. I wrote a lot about my thoughts on Destructo when I featured the free Tommy Trash remix of “Higher” two weeks ago. I then had the pleasure of seeing him absolutely destroy Boston’s Rise nightclub in the early hours of the morning. LA’s Gary Richards is a true talent, producing some of the funkiest bangers around (yes, that’s a thing), while perfectly executing his equally funky and banger-filled DJ sets. And just when I didn’t think this EP could get any better than the original mix and Tommy Trash mix of “Higher”, Destructo throws “2112” at us. Let me tell you right now: DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS TRACK. Did I mention the phrase funky banger yet? Okay good, just checking, because “2112” falls right into that same theme. It goes hard enough to make you bang your head around, but has that funk element that let’s you groove along to it, with some robot vocal samples and awesome percussion hits. “2112” might be equally as good as “Higher” in my opinion. The last stop on the four-track release (technically five, but two of the songs are “Higher” and one is extended) is Brodinski‘s take on “Higher”. After a couple listens, I’m not a big fan of this remix. It’s a little too dark for me and while I appreciate the 808s and Hip Hop influences, I think I could have done without it (much love to Brodinski – I’m a big fan, I just don’t think this one did it for me).

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Destructo – Higher (Original Mix)
Destructo – 2112 (Original Mix)
Destructo – Higher (Brodinski Remix)

Oh hey did you see the Holy Ship lineup…?