KitSch 2.0 With a New Mash-up


When produced right, a mash-up can be one of the most powerful songs played in a club.  By taking two or more songs and combining them, in essence, you have broadened the fan base of the new song.  One person may be a huge fan of the club track being played; another may love the vocal being played on top.  In a case when you are a fan of both the vocal and the club track(s) being combined, an incredible mash-up is born.  With KitSch 2.0’s new mash-up they have done just this. They have taken two club bangers by W&W and mashed them up with Amanda Wilson’s vocals from Chuckie’s, Breaking Up.  All three originals are incredible standing alone, and I recommend you listen to all three, but KitSch 2.0 has solved a problem.  When you are listening to music you have the luxury of having time to listen to all your great songs at your leisure. When you are playing a set you don’t always have enough time to play all the great tracks that you want.  Abracadabra! Give yourself, your friends, or your fans a dose of three great songs at once thanks to the French duo KitSch 2.0.  Be sure to like them on Facebook to stay up to date with their weekly bootleg/mash-up releases.

Breaking Thunder Code (KitSch 2.0 Mashup)