Spaveech With a Stellar Remix


After recently bringing us his incredible Trap-Up of Tommy Trash’s Sunrise, Spaveech is back again with a huge remix!  Still on the come up, Spaveech has decided to remix Incubus’ Stellar, one of the most identifiable alternative rock songs of our generation.  When remixing a song that has touched the ears of so many before, you as a producer have a great responsibility.  You must hold true to the original itself but you also want to put your own twist on the song to bring it back to life.  Holy moly did Spaveech bring this one back to life.  By beautifully infusing elements of the original with an incredible uplifting dance feel he has single-handedly created a festival destroyer.  If you remember the reactions producers like Bennasi got with his Otherside remix or Deadmau5 with his Tiny Dancer remix you can expect the same jaw dropping reactions from this song also.  Be ready to hear this song for a long long time and be ready to meet Spaveech in outer space and he propels closer to stardom with this stellar tune.