Rustie – Slasherr (Flume Edit)


Whenever I think back on essential mixes, there are a lot of favorites that come to mind. One in particular that I always insist people give a listen to is by Glasgow’s Rustie from last year. Rustie may not make music that everyone can indentify with but presents such a compelling case for the possibilities in the realm of electronic music. Rustie, signed to the legendary Warp Records, creates what modern audiences would generally classify as “trap” music, but a thorough listening to his music will reveal that it is far deeper than music that generally deserves that classification. One such song is his single “Slasherr” released a couple months back. “Slasherr” is a track whose sound is difficult to pinpoint, like so much of his music, and can be best summed up by the raw energy it produces. Fans of Flume should instantly recognize this edit, as this song is one of Flume’s favorite to play out in his live sets and mixes. This is really more of an edit than anything, with Flume just adding his signature vocal sounds to spice up the track and making minor edits to the drum track. But I hope it serves to opens up Rustie and his talents to Flume’s captive audience. Free download as well.