SC Safari Volume 1

About two weeks ago I hopped on Soundcloud one morning and as I was listening to the days new tracks in my stream I noticed that the majority of people who I follow are lesser known artists that are almost always giving their music away. As I search the web daily for music, I wonder what threshold an artist must cross to truly garner the attention of the top music blogs? I am not sure the answer to my previous question, so to help some of these young guns out of their momma’s basements I have come up with Soundcloud Safari. The idea is that as I uncover new artists, that may or may not carry enough weight to garner their own post,  I will still be able to share their tunes with you all. The “Safari” part of Soundcoud Safari is meant to represent the jungle type beats and high levels of bass to be expected in these posts, everything from Trap to Moombahton to Cumbia to Zouk. This Safari has no schedule but will be posted each time fifteen new, worthy, and free tracks are poached off the plains of Soundcloud. This week we have some dope new tracks from the likes of DJ Theory, Blem, Willy Joy, Baile Phunk and even a free Marble Floors remix from MartyParty! Are you a Soundcloud animal looking to make it to the big top? Send me your newest jungle beats to or

***Grab the zip pack of all the tracks here.***