The Trap Machine Continues to Grind


I woke up this morning with a little need for some ass, excuse me, I mean Bass*. Conveniently enough this current Trapocalypse that has taken over the internet is for the most case a machine powered by free downloads from up and coming producers. I can honestly say six months ago I loved Flosstradamus, now I think they are hardly maintaining a heartbeat, and dangerously near to a full flatline. It is the new names like Vinnie Maniscalco, Branchez, and Clockwork’s alter-bass-ego RL Grime that are truly progressing the Trap into 2013. Anyways I thought I would share my morning listening with you as every track here is free, and we here at MMIBTY love free music. I guess the point I am trying to make is there is always tons of amazing free music out there, and sometimes you just have to dig into the depths of soundcloud to uncover the newest basement producer that pleases your ears. Below are a few tracks from some young guns that I enjoyed thoroughly due to some truly creative and refreshing compositions. So be sure to show them some love for all their hard work and lets make sure the Bass stays free because you know the ass never will be!

Grab the zip pack here!