DJ’s Jen Mozenter and Claire Schlissel of The Jane Doze from New York are straight killing it with this club edit of ‘Habits’ – just released a few days ago on their SoundCloud. These girls are not only cute as hell but produce some great mashups (‘Follow Running Foxes’ – a mashup released a few months back – would have to be my personal favorite which is posted below as well), along with mixes of their own and they still manage to change things up a bit with this progressive house track that’s a banger for sure. The beat of this song kind of mirrors Alesso’s remix of ‘Pressure’ by Nadia Ali to me – especially when it comes to the drop because it kind of has the same elements, but is still a great drop nonetheless. You can stream and download the tracks below much like the rest of their sounds by simply liking their Facebook page. Put ya antlers up for The Jane Doze!