Dirt Monkey Sounds the Party Alarm

dirt monkey

It’s always something special watching a producer grow, build a reputation, and find success in a market that is beyond over saturated. While living in the Denver I was exposed to many up and comers as well as many promotion companies. In the bass heavy capital city of Colorado dubstep still rules the stage and no one has been bringing the bass for as long or hard as the Sub.Mission crew. Hosting shows at the infamous Cervantes and Beta nightclubs on a weekly basis it is hard to go a week without catching a show curated with these guys. Patrick Megeath aka Dirt Monkey has been the driving force behind these shows, relentlessly booking talent and always making sure to loosen up the crowd with killer opening sets.

Dirt Monkey has recently garnished the attention of some pretty powerful people as he recently signed with Play Me Records and the ever so sexy Reid Speed. Producing some earth shattering dubstep tracks is what Dirt Monkey has brought to the table for the label, which has seen an influx of attention since the signing. Never willing to relax, Dirt Monkey has pushed his own musical envelope by creating a track worthy of the notorious Fool’s Gold Clubhouse Series. Unclassifiably heavy and awesome festival music is the result featuring insane horn chops, ADDHD kick drums, and a (very necessary) screaming dude!