Lazerdisk Party Sex & CRNKN – SWANG

Lazerdisk Party Sex are no strangers to this website, neither is producer CRNKN, so if you have been following this page at all, or at least not living under a rock, you will understand the importance of a collaboration between these amazing producers/DJs.

Having worked with both of these individuals on a professional, level I have nothing but the upmost respect for their dedication as artists in their field. Lazerdisk Party Sex as well as CRNKN are individuals in this game to make music, and to be the best at it. There are a lot of artists who make a clean break onto the scene and may get lost in the party scene that accompanies traveling the country or world, but not these gentlemen. Driven and motivated, all three of these young men strive to stay on the cusp of a violently changing music scene, it can be very difficult to keep to your own original sound while still adapting and creating something that can catch the wandering ears of the populace.

“SWANG” is something that certainly stands out. If you know either artist at all its impossible to ignore elements of each of their own style fused seamlessly into one track. On one hand you have the Latin spice of Lazerdisk’s moombah upbringing molded into CRNKN’s impecable use of silent notes as an anticipation builder; a staple of the trap style music that brought him into the lime light. Set at a solid 98 BPM, this track follows suit with a lot of producers pushing into the hip-hop realm of 95-105 BPM, the cyclical nature of art strikes again. Check out the track below, play it at a high volume, and make sure you grab it because it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD, cheers!

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