Cash Cash-Take Me Home feat. Bebe Rexha, Alex Guesta & Yan Kings


This bad boy actually came out a little while back, at the end of June, but I just recently discovered it and became obsessed. I’ve had it on repeat for days and still cannot get enough. Considering how good it is, even if I heard it when it first came out about a month ago, I’m sure I’d still be obsessed with it. We got a whole group of people who collaborated to rework the New Jersey based- trio, Cash Cash‘s original track called, “Take Me Home” featuring the vocals by Bebe Rexha—the others being Alex Guesta and Yan Kings, who did this sick remix. It’s an upbeat, feel-good, progressive house, sing-a-long kind of track. Usually the sing-a-long type songs are mostly preferred by all the ladies out there, but I’ve actually come across a lot of guys that are all about this one too. No shame. Maybe it’s because everyone’s just lookin’ for love, who knows. You can cop this one on Beatport or on iTunes as soon as your little hearts desire. Listen to it. Fall in love with it. Check it out y’all and enjoy!


If any of you are from or are going to be in the NY area this upcoming weekend, Cash Cash is going to be spinning at Finale THIS Saturday night, July 27th. Don’t miss out on a good time!

Cash Cash-Take Me Home feat. Bebe Rexha (Alex Guesta & Yan Kings Remix)