Wildlight’s New EP is Simply Gorgeous.


Wildlight is a brand new collaboration between mind blowing vocalist Ayla Nereo, and David Sugalski who is better known for his electronic production as The Polish Ambassador. The combination of gorgeous melodies, rhythms and beats produced by Sugalski complimented by the angelic voice of Nereo create some of the most gorgeous and melodic dream pop tunes I have heard to date. The highlight of their new EP, Hers Was As Thunder, for me has got to be the track Twirl Me. With a vocal track filled with passion this song couldn’t be much more heartfelt truly standing out as the gem amidst an amazing EP as a whole. As Ayla tells us her story Sugalski creates a world of sounds including a gorgeous bass filled piano line. I am very excited to watch as this new collaboration grows and cannot wait to see what is next from this extremely talented new power duo that is Wildlight.