Ciara – Body Party (NEVR Remix)


Soundcloud truly is a marvelous tool to search out new music! Now by no means was I looking for another remix of Ciara‘s summer hit Body Party, but when reworking submitted by NEVR showed up in the feed I gave it a listen. I’m not sure if it was the name or the graphic that brought me in, but once I hit play none of it mattered. The remix hits deep, with a soulful punch of trap and creepy, yet beautiful melody. Not much is known about the producer(s) as they joined Facebook about two weeks ago and have only accrued a few dozens followers to date. Anyone that is from ATL who could shed some light into this fantastic act that has already made a splash in the community would be great!

***They just ran out of downloads, but are currently upgrading their account, stay tuned!***