Forever Kid “Refuse To Grow Up”


Forever Kid is more than a couple of kids from Sweden making music, it is a dream and hope to bring things back to how they used to be. Remember the days of carefree, idiotic fun with you and your friends as you terrorized the neighborhood on your pegged out bicycles. A time where you would hit up a girl on the house phone and talk for hours until most likely one of your parents would yell at you to go to bed. Forever Kid is here ti reinstate this lifestyle, with the  most upbeat, funky dance house music you will find on planet earth. They have arrived in LA and while one currently transforms into some sort of bygone technology the group has created Forever Kid Fridays.  Every other Friday we will be blessed with a new jam from the duo. This past week was a remix by the oh so sexy Kylie Minogue. Sending some serious synths and blast of bass into the iconic classic Can’t Get You Out of My Head was a great way to start off last weekend. Enjoy it below!

If this is your first exposure to Forever Kid then the following Bee Gees remix is an absolute requirement. Bursting onto Soundcloud a few weeks ago with this massive remix of Tragedy has gotten the attention that Forever Kid deserves. This beat will be heard well into the winter as we celebrate the ideal #refusetogrowup.

Check out the boys let loose with 300 rolls of TP and countless cans of shaving cream as they celebrate hitting #1 on Hype Machine!