Need & Necessity Have Us Whipped

need & necessity

Night Supply’s latest release is a tuned up, deep house groover by perhaps the label’s most promising duo, Need & Necessity. The young pair have firmly entrenched themselves as crucial players inside of the underground dance community through a bevy of slick releases already in Spirit Soul and Tru Talk, adding another feather in Night Supply’s cap to lock down both of these 20-somethings for a second release. “Whip”, their latest effort glides along in the same vein as some of those classic Chicago and Detroit house tracks, with a smooth 4/4 bass lead, but is ushered a little deeper along through a supinely built chord progression and stabby synths. Unmistakable, is a minor vocal sample from Christopher Wallace himself fueling “Whip” even further before those patented Need & Necessity highs and a firm kick-clap pattern again collide with yet another craftily placed vocal hook. The resulting product is a peak-hour dancefloor monster fit with a definite groove, but enough “umph” for those nights which need to be turned up even a little more; all without sacrificing any soul whatsoever.” -via Night Supply’s Soundcloud