Don’t you just love when your favorite song on the radio get a beautiful remix makeover? “Treasure” by Bruno Mars has been my summer jam (do I own it? Is it mine, all mine? Maybe.) and when I first became aware that Cash Cash and Audien were working on remixing this song, I was that happiest chick on the planet. Then, I came to discover that there weren’t only going to be 2 highly anticipated remixes, but a whole, 5 track album of them featuring a few others like Sharam, Bailey Smalls, and Robert DeLong. Released with Atlantic Records, this varying set of different takes on the track are all really good and definitely a rejuvenating¬†twist to the song that I’ve heard probably about 10,000 times now. What’s great about them too, is that the old-school, funk vibes thankfully don’t get drowned out by the modern electronic beats. Get the hook up with the Treasure Remixes EP on iTunes: HERE¬†or on Beatport: HERE!

Bruno Mars-Treasure (Cash Cash Remix)

Bruno Mars- Treasure (Audien Remix)

Bruno Mars-Treasure (Sharam Radio Remix)

Bruno Mars-Treasure (Robert DeLong Radio Edit)

Bruno Mars-Treasure (Bailey Smalls Radio Edit)