Time to Flip Modes with AC Slater (Free DL)

ac slater

AC Slater has been such a pleasure to follow over the past year as he really has found some new inspiration and is producing some of the best underground music my fine ears have grooved too. AC Slater, a Trouble & Bass team member, has released an EP, two remixes, and three mixes in the past two months aka he is a productive mother fucker! He has found a new deep womp sound (you’ll hear what I mean) that he can build tracks around that fit right into the underground club scene. Pumping out all of this music for free is great press as he is not in it for the money as you will still find him in tiny clubs and side stages at festivals.

Flip Mode relies on some thuggish lyrics to carry the heavy bass into an up roaring chorus halfway through. The track is by no way a banger, but a beat that can keep you moving even on substance enhancing medication. I could listen to this track on repeat for quite some time (oh wait, I am) all while giving a stank face from the whiskey and bass.