Treasure Fingers & The Knocks Team Up!

treasure fingers

Combining the talents of Treasure Fingers and The Knocks is truly a match made in heaven. The upbeat funky bass teamed up with the sexy lyrics chanting about how her “body is burning with desire” is almost to much to take. The fusion of disco and house music has never sounded smoother, or sexier for that matter. The newly formed electronic channel, THUMP is premiering the radio edit of this  colossal collaboration today with the original mix dropping next week. There will also be stems for all you eager producers out there to create some fantastic remixes of My Body.

Speaking of remixes, go check out Treasure Fingers’s Soundcloud where he just uploaded every single official remix he has produced! Yes, the current count is at 49, all of which can be download for free. I declare this National Treasure Fingers Day!