This Is Not The End For The Party Monster Krew, But Only The Beginning


Do you know what day it is tomorrow? Yes, it may be Hump Day, but more importantly it’s Get Wet Wednesday! We the people of dance and electronica have been graced with the goodness yet another badass collaboration by Krewella. This time, Pegboard Nerds are entering the whiskey drinking, cigar smoking, and head banging world of the Krew.  Although some of you may have stumbled across this hidden banger at a previous date and time, “This Is Not The End” officially drops tomorrow with Monstercat. Fun fact-one of their other well known top hits, “Killin’ It”, also just so happens to have been produced with the same record label! It’s definitely a great track, and best of all it’s free! Get your download tomorrow on Beatport and prepare to get wet.

Krewella Featuring Pegboard Nerds-This Is Not The End

As for getting music today, be sure to check out another one of their new trap/hardstyle releases that’ll be on their new album that’s coming out on 9/24 called, “Party Monster”! This track is also a free download, so please take advantage of all of this amazing free music that’s being offered because why the hell not. Get plurnt like a monster and click here to join the party.

Krewella-Party Monster