The Magician’s Magic Tricks Are Back!


The last few months have been long and eventful, however The Magician was nowhere to be found to help us groove through the dog days of summer. Taking a step back from the action I’m assuming was his plan, but I think he found himself working on his new acts to take our breathe away once more. His first trick upon returning to the stage is the revival of the cult classic, The Magic Tape series. Number 35 is full of freshness with new ones from Medlar, Skream, Anna Lunoe, and Luxury. We will never know the exact tracklist as a magician never reveals his secrets. All I know is it is great to have the series back in full swing.

The Magician is also working on an EP that will be sure to be the main event of any forthcoming shows (we can only hope dates are announced soon). The EP is due out in November, however the lead single When The Night Is Over will be released next week. The single features the Newtimers, a pumping uptempo house track with vocals that take it right over the top! Haven’t enjoyed a track this much since oh i don’t know.. maybe his remix of Hollywood!