Milk N Cookies Are ‘Bout To Be More Than Your Favorite Midnight Snack


The other day, I was just casually making my rounds on Facebook, trollin’ and patrolin’ just like every other night of the week, when I suddenly stumbled upon a video that one of my friends had liked. Interested, I clicked on it to find two beautiful, blonde bombshells in a couple of snapbacks and muscle tanks making a video from their laptop. Naturally, I decided to press play and see what these guys were all about. It’s safe to safe they were just giving us a preview of a new track they had been working on. I know how that introduction may have sounded, but it wasn’t any “mix your milk with my cocoa puff” type ish.

First of all, let me just say that these dudes are straight up crazy, yet hilarious. It’s almost like they’re on a whole other level of their own. I soon came to discover that they were two twin brothers from Chicago, James (Milk) and Paul (Cooks). They’re the creators and producers of some really dope music, making magic under the name of Milk N Cookies. From solely watching that video and reading the comments on it, it was clear to me how passionate these bros were about what they do, while also fooling around and connecting with their fans. That’s definitely the first thing I loved about them. When I started to explore their music, I realized how amazing their stuff really was.

They have a great and powerful, Wizard of Oz type sound⎯with a ton of energy. It’ll have you feeling the beats pulsating through your veins. These guys are riding their noble steeds at full speed, to proudly lead the Post-Bro House music movement with their swords high in the air. They prefer to categorize their music under the genre “Post-Bro”, but you could also consider them as falling under the house/progressive house category⎯whatever works! Their most popular track is their festival remix of Animals by Martin Garrix. It’s so good that even a few of the biggest names in EDM have dropped it during their own sets, including Hardwell, AfrojackNERVO and Nicky Romero. Now, if that’s not winning, nothing is.

A few of my other favorite picks by Milk N Cookies are “Dr. Dre – Still Dre (Milk N Cookies Remix)” and “Titanic (Original Mix)”. I’ll put them down below where you can not only check out their dopeness for yourselves, but you can also download some goodies for free. If you like what you hear, which you absolutely will, be sure to show them some love and “follow” and “like” all of their social media websites. Get a sweet taste of their hilarious bro-ness and you’ll be a fan in seconds. I guarantee it or your money back.

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