Wrecking Ball (EASY GIRL Remix)

easy girl

Yup that’s right, I’m about introduce you to a Miley Cyrus remix that you simply must enjoy. A little producer out of LA known as EASY GIRL has opened my eyes to a song that I never actually listened too (just watched the video on mute). EASY GIRL provides a heavy and constant dosage of 808’s throughout as the infamous track gets a much need retwerking. Besides, Miley actually has a pretty good voice and is quite talented, just in this case she needed a little help getting to the finish line. Still fairly unknown to most, even we know very little, but we have a feeling we will be hearing much more from the EASY GIRL camp.

EASY GIRL is becoming known for these painstakingly perfect remixes over such a young career. Check out the remix that shook the walls, Lorde‘s Million Dollar Bills. The track has garnished over 100,00 views and viewed by many as a breakout track.