Bump this on your AM drive: Rüfüs – Tonight (Terace Remix)


Maybe you’ve heard of Australian indie/electronic trio known as Rüfüs— who combine slick lyrics, deep/disco melodies and a lead singer who’s voice is as dreamy as his looks (remarkably reminiscent of a certain Chris Martin sweetness going on there) on such notable tracks as “Take Me” or “Desert Night” off their soundcloud page or maybe you haven’t (yet!). Either way, they are taking the indie dance world by storm across the way in their sunny homeland and here in the USA playing sold out parties in NYC and rubbing elbows with electronic legends LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost!, Vampire Weekend and my personal favorite indie vet RAC as well as making some pretty stellar remixes and Triple J mixtapes and mainstage festival appearances as far away as Moscow. Their newest album, Atlas, debuted #1 on both the Aria and iTunes charts respectively. A self-proclaimed “labor of love,” the album was recorded in a remote farmhouse on Australia’s south coast and also in a studio created from a hollowed-out water tank under one of their parent’s houses… um. what?

Regardless of their humble roots or peculiar recording spaces, what Rüfüs has created is pure, unadulterated aural goodness. And what’s more? Their Sweat It Out Records comrades Terace, also fellow Aussie electronic visionaries make a play for the track “Tonight” with a nod to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs in the crafting of this remix. The track combines a trademark deep house groove, some beefed up basslines, and with the vocals delicately layered over it all, this remix is a refreshing take on both the original and a definite contribution to the new future bass movement.

Take a listen and be sure to turn this one up to “eleven”: