Chase & Status – Count On Me feat. Moko (Andy C Remix)



Every time I listen to Andy C my day instantly becomes better.  Andy C, aka the Executioner, has been one of the biggest names and influences in drum and bass, and he continues to win over more and more fans.  He started his own record label, RAM records, back in 1992, and it has grown into the biggest drum and bass record label in the world.  When Andy C  performs live, he is not your typical cookie-cutter dj.  He often performs with up to three turntables, and he, like many other drum and bass artists, will drop two songs at once for an epic “double drop.”  I had the awesome opportunity to see this legend perform twice in the last year, and each of his performances were stellar.  Andy C was the artist who actually got me into listening to drum and bass frequently.  Back in March of this year, two of my good friends Peter and Greg were planning on going to Toronto for a weekend which included a RAM Records night and a Hospitality Records (the other huge drum and bass record label) night.  They asked me if I wanted to tag along, and I said sure.  I only had a limited amount of knowledge about drum and bass because I had just starting exploring the surface of the genre.  However, I figured it would be an awesome experience, and I was super excited.  The first night was RAM Records night which showcased RAM records such as Rene LaVice, Loadstar, Delta Heavy, and of course Andy C.  The openers: Rene, Loadstar, and Delta Heavy were all awesome, and I was having an absolute blast.  During Delta Heavy we worked our way up to the front of the stage, and when Andy C came on we were front row, dead center.  Andy played one of the best sets I’ve ever seen, and I was bouncing up and down and dancing the entire two hours of his set.  After his set, we even got to meet him and talk to him briefly while he signed my buddy’s Andy C cd.  That was one of the best nights of my life, and Andy amazed me with his performance.  After that weekend, I started listening to much more drum and bass, and I’ve discovered many new artists and songs.  Since then I’ve felt the need to get my fill of drum and bass, so I’ve even been to a more few drum and bass shows.  If you ever get the chance to see this legend perform live take it and don’t pass it up; he’ll play one of the best sets you’ve ever heard, and you’ll have an amazing time dancing to the music.

Enough about my life-changing experience with Andy C, let’s get back to the music.  Chase and Status are releasing their new album ‘Brand New Machine’ on October 7.  This past Sunday they just released “Count On Me feat. Moko” which is is their second single from their upcoming album.  Along with the original mix, they also released the song with remixes by Andy C, Steve Angello, and Nathan C. When I saw that Andy C had done a remix of it, I was ecstatic and knew that I had to listen to it immediately.  I fell in love with his remix the first time I listened to it.  It had his classic sound, and the buildup is fantastic; when the song drops and the beat kicks in it’s impossible not to bop your head.  I really like the original mix by Chase and Status as well; it’s a house tune that has a classic old school feel to it.  However, Andy C’s remix takes this track to a whole different level.  The energy and vibes from his remix are incredible, and it’ll definitely get your heart beating and your foot tapping.  Once again, the Executioner delivers a phenomenal remix.  Keep an eye out for Chase and Status’s new album dropping next week which should be great too.  I’m beyond excited to see Andy C perform live again, and I can’t wait to see what tracks Andy C will surprise us with next.  Get your fill of drum and bass with this new remix from the Executioner!

Count On Me feat. Moko (Andy C Remix)