THE GEEK x VRV – Feel The Soul LP


Hip-hop/electro-soul vibes is one of the first sounds that got me hooked on electronic music. Without a doubt, Pretty Lights‘ Filling Up the City Skies was a defining album for me when I was still finding what sounds really attracted me. A lot of it had to do with the sure mix of hip-hop and old-school funk, soul and rock samples, which represented a cross-section of the music that shaped my tastes, all wrapped into one, beautiful, electronic-tinged package. Since then (I’m almost sure I’m aging myself), I have heard a lot of electro-soul-funk-hip-hop or whatever it’s called and, quite honestly, while I have never stopped liking it, I have felt like it started to reach a ceiling of innovation. Of course, artists like Griz (DON’T MISS his latest album) and Gramatik have pushed the envelope, but even their stellar talent couldn’t satiate my taste. I mean, how much can really be done with the same groove, the same samples and the same general song structure? Thankfully, The Geek and VRV prove quite a bit. Their Feel The Soul LP, which flew under my radar back in June of this year, brings a creative take on the style we’ve come to adore so much. At times, you even question whether it is actually electronic music or simply well-coordinated musicians creating classic music in a modern style. The Parisian producer The Geek is not afraid to use boisterous vocal samples, pronounced horns and swing vibes to bring a truly unique energy to the sound. There wasn’t a single song on the LP I didn’t enjoy and any fan of electro-soul should feel right at home (and quite happy) with it all. This is a must download.

Since then, The Geek’s put up a couple new EP’s and a few new singles and edits, including his take on Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”, which received support from Gramatik and a remix of Flume‘s hit “Holdin’ On”. Check them out below.