Icona Pop – Girlfriend (The Chainsmokers Remix)


We all know Icona Pop is notorious for having some firey tracks that we just can’t get enough of. Luckily for us, The Chainsmokers really know how to do the damn thing when it comes to remixing. To say that the duo, Drew and Alex, have been on their grind lately, would be an understatement. They’ve been whippin’ out some big and bad mixes that the entire MMIBTY team sincerely become obsessed with time after time⎯and obsessed is a pretty strong word. Their most recent banger is their Icona Pop – Girlfriend Remix. It was officially released on Monday 10/21 with Big Beat Records and is now available on Beatport! They’ve been trying some new things with their sound lately and with this one, they wanted to jump into the big electro room sound. With a direct quote from the dudes, they wanted to produce “something the crowd could jump up and down to for 20 seconds” and they “thought with these anthemic vocals, it would be the perfect opportunity to do just that.” Believe it or not it even gave me the chills with it’s utterly badass vibe. Check it out for yourselves below!

The only thing that may be even better than this remix is their absolutely hilarious mini music video that goes along with the song. With the assistance and brilliance of their friend Joe Zohar, they brought to life their first ever music video! They came up with a wild storyline featuring some rebellious, candy-eating, young boys that grow up to be the same couple of lady-killer Chainsmokers. They also like to describe it as “Lil Drew and Lil Alex versus Big Drew and Big Alex”, which makes me think they should have added and opening screen that states “Based on a Series of True and Inexplicable Events”. They’re pretty much double trouble with a knack for making some awesome music, and this video shows you. With that being said, you gotta watch it. You may just even laugh out loud because I know I did. It’ll not only give the Girlfriend Remix a boost, but also the DJs as artists. You can certainly get a good feel for what kind of humor they’ve got up their sleeves and I’m diggin’ it.