LazerdiskBVT10:20Only a few days ago the duo known as Lazerdisk kicked off their “Party Sex Is Dead” tour and us on the right coast cannot be happier. They will be hitting all the major cities in the East coast as well as making the pilgrimage back to their homeland of Burlington Vermont.

Right above the legendary restaurant and bar called Nectars, a place where some weird band named Phish had their first few gigs, is a neat little venue called Club Metronome. This 300 person club has had some pretty famous people walk through its doors from Joey Garafalo to RL Grime. Every time Lazerdisk has been posted on the bill outside it has been absolute mayhem, all of the residents of Burlington hold a special place in their heart for the DJ Duo and we expect nothing less this go about.

Make sure you get your tickets ASAP and try to win some right here on MMIBTY! Below you will find some links on how to get free stuff for this show as well as a mix the boys dedicated to the sound you will be hearing this go around. Hope to see you all there!