Show Review: Skylab 2013 and Morgan Page Interview


 Heading into Skylab this year I knew what I was in for and was well prepared, but I will say I was happily surprised to discover the “Beer Garden” was no longer and that the generally crowd seemed much more mature then previous years. I imagine the amazing line-up consisting of Morgan Page, Dillon Francis, Kaskade, Luminox, Vinnie Maniscalco and more brought in an older group. Although there was no shortage of tutu wearing tweens holding down the front row, each one seemingly craving a sip of my cold beer more then the next as they let the epic 3 dimensional light show by Morgan Page steal their minds. After an epic set from Morgan and truly mind blowing visuals it was time for some Dillon. Senior Francis brought the noise for sure, dropping a plethora of moombahton and expressing his everlasting love for Colorado. Kaskade finished the night out in typical fashion, sending chills down everyone’s backs with his gorgeous vocals and truly unmatched drops leaving us all in a state of peaceful awe. Over at the Got Bass Music stage the homie Vinnie Maniscalco tore it up with some truly awesome new remixes, which you can grab below, and was followed up by another great performance from the guys of Luminox. This years Skylab was a 100% improvement on last year in my mind and I am truly excited for 2014, if you have any doubts just check out the full photo album here!

We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with fellow Vermonter Morgan Page before his set and pick his brain about his brand new Morgan Page Presents 3D tour and his plans for the future check out the full interview below.

MMIBTY: First of all welcome back to Colorado! Last time we saw you was back in 2012 at Beta Nightclubs Super Duper Secret DJ where you put on quite a show. What do you have in store for us tonight, we have heard lots about tonights light show?

Morgan Page: Well tonight is the second time we have had a venue large enough to be able to set up our new 3D light show, the initial idea and project was created for Michael Jackson’s last tour but we have brought it to the next level essentially. The show creates a immersive landscape and each song has its own environment, lyrics pop right out at the crowd creating a natural extension of the music.

MMIBTY: Who helped out with the creation of these next level visualizations?

Morgan: Well we had a lot of help, worked with some of the animations and graphic designers from the film Avatar and even had James Cameron stop by for rehearsal who was very excited about the project and offered some insight of his own, so we definitely had some big players in the film industry contributing to this project.

MMIBTY: Well we couldn’t be more excited to see what you have in store for us.

Morgan: Yeah this is actually the first DJ tour with full high resolution 3D visuals, there have been a few lower resolution 3D tours but nothing on this level, just wait and see its pretty amazing!

Full interview after the jump!

MMIBTY: So this is only the second time performing with the 3D visuals but the fourth stop on your tour, are some venues not compatible with the new lightshow?

Morgan: Yeah unfortunately some venues just aren’t big enough so this is only the second time we have been able to get it set up.  The larger the venue the larger the graphics can be, this is the biggest venue yet but I can’t wait to go even bigger with it!

MMIBTY: So what else do you have in the hopper Morgan?

Morgan: Got a new single coming out called Against The World, I will play a remix of that for you all later tonight. Then I will also be coming out with a mix compilation called Morgan Page Presents and then a new album is set to drop early next year.

MMIBTY: Well I know your fans will be stoked to hear about all the new music and light show. It is always nice to run into someone from Vermont, I noticed you are Vermonter yourself how long did you reside in the Green Mountain State?

Morgan: Yep, I was born in Burlington and lived in Williston for about 18 years. We are actually heading back to Vermont to play Higher Ground on October 17th and I couldn’t be more excited to be back and playing in my hometown.

MMIBTY: Well that is awesome, we love Higher Ground and the blog has roots in Burlington so it is great to hear you are headed back east. Thanks so much for your time Morgan and we can’t wait to see what the new Morgan Page Presents 3D Tour has in store for us, full list of tour dates available here.