Claptone Reach 50,000 Fans and Deep House is Charting

claptone 50K

The very awesome and very anonymous German duo who go by Claptone hit 50,000 Facebook likes today and as an initial thank you they’ve released this “FIFTYTHOUSAND MIX”. As one of the Deep House duo’s 50,000 fans, I can say this mix exemplifies why they have such a devoted following. Some of the most soulful and groovy sounds to come out of the dance music world in recent years have been released by Claptone. I’m talking about songs like “Cream” and “Wrong“, which both sample two of the best Hip Hop songs ever created and incorporate them into the piano lines of each song (Wu Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” and Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.”, respectfully). The mix opens with one of their latest remixes, “When The Night Is Over”, originally by The Magician (another awesome artist). Just as the duo remain anonymous, hidden behind masks like the one above when they perform live, this mix does not contain a track list (nor a download option, unfortunately). What I can promise is it’s 60 minutes of pure soul, funk, and groovin’ House beats. Some of the mix gets really deep and some of it hangs in the world of Disco. As these guys continue to get bigger, make sure you go see them live if you have a chance. I had the pleasure of seeing Claptone here in Boston and I was not even close to being disappointed.

Claptone hinted at more “thank yous” today and posted this status update on Facebook:

W O R K I N G . O N . M O R E . T H A N K . Y O U S .

B U T . T H I N G S . A R E . S L O W .

I N . T H A N K . Y O U . L A N D

In addition to Claptone heating up around the world, I wanted to point your attention to the Beatport charts where two of my recent favorites are doing quite well. These are Lissat & Voltaxx, Marc Fisher – Groovejet (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix) and Ten Walls – Requiem. I’m calling these tracks Deep House tunes, if not for a lack of a better term, but you can call them whatever you want (Nu Disco and Indie Dance come to mind as well). The “Groovejet” remix is more of a soulful and disco-y jam while “Requiem” has a slightly darker feel with an infectious lead/hook. Both tracks have been making splashes in the dance music world and that’s evident by their currently high rankings on the Beatport Top 100 charts, which have been dominated by Big Room, Electro, and Progressive House songs in recent times. I take the Beatport Top 100 with a grain of salt, but if more and more DJs around the world are downloading songs like these I’m pretty damn impressed.

Lissat & Voltaxx, Marc Fisher – Groovejet (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix)

Download “Requiem” on Beatport